Grain Link WA ("Grain Link") was established in October 1999 to provide an innovative and exciting alternative to grain marketing in Western Australia

As part of the expansion of Grain Link WA, the Company has set up this Internet Site to offer new marketing options both to Australian grain growers and buyers.

  • Via Grain Link, growers have the freedom and flexibility to market their own produce to buyers within Australia and throughout the world.
  • Grain Link enables growers to log on at any time and see an updated Grain Link WA price list.

  • Buyers can contact the Grain Link site at any time and look at the comprehensive list of grain being offered for sale.
  • Buyers can list bid prices for consideration by growers throughout Australia.

    Grain Link is the intermediary between the grower and buyer and handles all contractual confirmation arrangements. Grain Link is also available to help coordinate the logistics of each contract of sale; including organising transport; back-loading storage (if available) and anything else that may be required by either party.

    GRAIN LINK WA is your one stop shop for grain marketing.