Grain Prices

ProductDelivered2018-2019 Prices
APW 1 & 2 WheatPerth Metro End User$340.00 APW2 $350 APW1 DEU ⇨
ASW WheatPerth Metro End User$335.00 DEU ⇨
AGP1 WheatPerth Metro End User$325.00 DEU ⇨
Feed Wheat (FED1)Perth Metro End User$310.00 DEU
Malting BarleyPerth Metro End UserPOA
Feed Barley (BFED1)Delivered GinGin$290.00 DEU ⇨
Milling Oats (Oat 1)Perth Metro End User$340.00 DEU ⇨
Feed Oats (Oat 2)Perth Metro End User$320.00 DEU ⇨
Wandering Oats (OWAN1)Perth Metro End User$320.00 DEU⇨
Field Peas (P1)Perth Metro End User$475.00 DEU ⇨
SFT1 WheatPerth Metro End UserPOA
LupinsPerth Metro End User$350.00 DEU ⇨
TriticalePerth Metro End User$300.00 DEU ⇨
Canola (CAG1)Del End User Kojonup Uncapped$530 Flat
Canola 1 (CAN1)Del End User Kojonup Uncapped$580 Flat
Seconds WheatPerth Metro End User$250.00 DEU ⇨
Last updated: 2018-12-06

Additional Contract Information
All prices quoted GST exclusive. Contract payment terms are 30 days from end of week of delivery (unless otherwise stated).
Prices quoted will be:

  1. "FIS" - Port basis less applicable freight rates for the delivery season and is inclusive of CBH Receival & QA fees
  2. "Delivered Direct into Store or End User" - Contracted grain is delivered to the specified location. Freight and any CBH costs are account of the grower or deliverer.
LEVIES: Compulsory Federal and State Levies to be deducted as per current percentages. Delivered Grain that attracts an End Point Royalty (EPR) will be deducted at the applicable rate.
TONNAGE: Minimum contract for canola is 20mt. Minimum for wheat, barley and Oats is 20mt unless otherwise stated.
FREIGHT: GTA 2011-12 location differentials to apply for all FIS based contracts for the 2011-12 season.
QUANTITY: Min/Max + or - 5% or 12mt whichever is least unless otherwise stated
STANDARDS: Wheat, Barley and Canola receival standards are as per CBH receival standards. All other grains as per the contract.
VARIETIES: Acceptable varieties are as per contract.
PRICES: Wheat prices will be quoted on a "Flat Basis" this means quality increments will not be paid, unless otherwise stated.
CANOLA: Canola Oil bonification's capped at 44.5% all other bonuses and discounts as per current WA industry standards.
CASH PRICING: All quoted prices are valid until 5.00pm WST that day.
TRADE RULES: Grain Link WA expressly incorporates the GTA Trade Rules and Dispute Resolution in force at the time of any contract.